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Sock It To Me - Arch-eology - 0063 - Crew - Kids - Socks & Soles

Sock It To Me - Arch-eology - 0063 - Crew - Kids

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With years of discovery under your belt, you've never seen anything quite like this: GLOWING triceratops bones! You and the crew gently unearth the remains of this massive beast and start moving outward from it until a bony, stegosaurus plate glows from under the dust. More and more bones emerge from the depths of history and fill the site with a faint green light. What could cause such an anomaly? Did they glow before or after extinction? Will they stay this way in a museum environment? We don't have the answers yet, but we can say the special thread will keep these socks glowing for a long time and Paleontologists will really dig this sock—we can feel it in our bones.

  • Content: 69% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 2% Spandex
  • Youth socks fit children's shoe size 8-13 or ages 3-6
  • Junior socks fit children's shoe size 1-5 or ages 7-10  
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