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Sock It to Me - Platypus - MEF0373 - Crew - Men's - Socks and Soles

Sock It to Me - Platypus - MEF0373 - Crew - Men's

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Here’s an interesting fact you might not have known about our silly-looking friend, the platypus. They’re one of five mammals on earth who reproduce by laying eggs. So, if you’re ever in Australia and you chance upon a nest, don’t assume they belong to a reptile or bird. They might be platypus eggs! Between that fact and their duck-like bill, platypuses are strange but charming animals, deserving of being featured on their own Platypus Crew Socks.

  • 53% Cotton, 44% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Fits men's shoe size 7-13
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